POV Fetish

As the name suggests, the point of view (POV) Fetish is a popular type of fetish that has a clear defining characteristics that differ from other fetishes. The term point of view comes from the angles that the fetish films take. And how those angles are represented in the images. In general most porn movies will have a single camera placed at some point on the side or front of the actors’ bodies. The angle of the body is usually obscured for the viewer to not see what the actor is doing on-screen. Some may argue that this form of obscenity is a form of expression. Since it takes away the viewer’s ability to critique what is happening on screen.

What makes a fetish movie so fun to watch is the fact that the performers involved can sometimes go beyond even the commonly accepted boundaries of society. For example, many people may not associate the anus with sex. And may not view an actress’ cleavage as worthy of all that attention. However, one can find the same reaction in the POV Fetish. In this type of fetish, the viewer can expect to see the most common forms of erogenous zones on the body. Namely the neck, breast, and buttocks. In the eyes of the viewer, these parts of the body seem to have a different purpose in that they are often used as the main source of attraction between the two people involved.


When it comes to choosing a sex point of view. It is important to consider that everyone has their own definition of what exactly constitutes as erotic. For some people, foreplay may be all that is needed to get them hot and bothered. However, another person may be looking for an image to drive them crazy. If you are in the latter category, then the POV Fetish is the best choice for you.