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littlefuckslut  - Bound, Gagged, and Forced to Shit | FullHD

Have you ever thought about what you would do to me if you had me all to yourself? Tie me up? Use me however you’d like? That’s one of my fantasies too. Watch as I’m in stuck helplessly in the tub. I’ve been stripped, given laxative, bound, and gagged. Now all you have to do is watch and wait as I struggle to keep myself from shitting in front of you. I don’t want to do it. I cry and beg from behind my gag for you to let me go home. I’m determined to hold my shit… until I finally can’t any longer. My stomach hurts as I’m cramped and curled in a ball. I don’t know how I ended up like this. Helpless. Forced to do one of my most private things in front of a stranger. Knowing that all my crying and begging isn’t doing anything for me. You get off on this. You get off on my humiliation. You’re a sick motherfucker.
littlefuckslut  - Lick Me, Fuck Me, Eat My Shit | FullHD

I want to dominate you with my shit & drain your balls of all your cum <3 Fuck my pussy while my ass is full of shit. Then watch me lay back, spread my legs, and push this load of shit out. Suck my pussy and piss into your mouth. Don't stop licking my pussy. My piss is strong isn't it!?!? Once my ass is empty you get to fuck and lick my dirty asshole clean for me! Fuck my ass so you can pull your cock out dirty. You're going to fed my milk covered shit when you're done. Chew my shit while you listen to me demand you to give me your cum.
littlefuckslut  - Dildo Fuck & Filthy Footjob | FullHD

Love the feeling of releasing a nice shit while you fuck my pussy. Watch as I smush and smear my feet in my dirty mess and then feel me rub them all over your hard dick. I want to make you cum to my filthy feet today. I love the way my dirty soles slide up and down your hard dick. My feet are going to make you feel so good.
littlefuckslut  - Fisting Poop Girl | FullHD

I just got my pussy fucked and filled with cum, now I want you to watch me push out these hard nuggets. You get a nice view of me releasing my bright yellow pee and slowly pushing out my turds. I’m just a filthy girl that likes you to watch me. Watch me pee, poop, and stretch my pussy.
littlefuckslut  - Smelly Poop Handjob & Body Smear | FullHD

Do you like watching me push out my poop? I like when you do. What should I do with it? Smell it? Rub it all over your dick for you? I love that I can be so dirty with you. Get dirty with me. I love it. Cum to the smell of my nasty smelly poop. I want you to cum! I’m your nasty little poop slut. I just want to make you feel good. I want you to cum to my body..Cum all over me.
littlefuckslut  - Grope & Smack My Sweet Ass While I Take a Nice Shit | FullHD

Watch as I rub and grope my cute little ass and then take a nice big poop. Wish it were your hands grabbing and squeezing my cheeks while I squeeze out this load. I love pulsing my puckered hole for you to watch.
littlefuckslut  - Green Poop Snaking Out of My Ass | FullHD

I’ve held this in for as long as I possibly can. Now it snaking out of my ass for you to see. Hope you love it as much as I do. I try to keep it going for as long as I can. I pee for you and ask you to fuck my dirty ass. I want you to taste my shit. Taste me, smell me, and smear my mess all over your hard dick. I love the load I’ve made today.
littlefuckslut  - Dual Cam Afternoon Shit With Corn | FullHD

How many women do you pass by are only thinking of going home and taking a big fat shit? One of my favorite things is to go about my day talking to people, passing them by, all while holding a huge load inside my ass. I finally got home and it felt amazing to finally release all of the shit from inside me! Fuck it felt good. Watch as I lay down, pull up my skirt, take off my panties, and let go of everything I’d been walking around with inside me. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing specks of corn fall out of my ass. Days of shit finally being released in one big load! Dual cam to show two angles of my asshole opening up. just a fun little note. A very filthy man ended up with that brown mess and it was a treat for me to see him fuck it and eat it. The best part? Seeing those little kernels of corn stuck to his dick
littlefuckslut  - Little Bubble Butt: Groping & Shitting | FullHD

Watch me show off my little bubble to you. I grope it and try to shake it a little for you. I love spreading my cheeks for you & want you to perv on my ass and holes. I want you to take a good look while I shit on a plate. Having you watch me like this has my pussy creamy and I have to start fingering myself. I’d love it if you stuck your tongue in my ass. I spread my shit around my asshole when I’m done & I ask you to please clean it up for me. Just watch me. I’m a horny mess and need to play with my pussy and milk my tits. I just want to be touched and perved on.
littlefuckslut  - 4 Short Shits Compilation | FullHD

1. Pulling my shorts to the side to give you my piss and shit. A nice green snack for your plate.
2. Close up of my green shit pushing out of my hole & toilet paper wipe.
3. View of my ass while I shit in a container for you.
4. Dropping a load into the toilet.
littlefuckslut  - Chocolate Stuff’N’Shit & Plugged Shit Load DUO | FullHD

Video 1: Melting candy in my asshole. I stuff chocolate pieces into my ass and push out a chocolate swirl for you. Good view of the load as I swirl my finger through the mess.

Video 2: The only thing keeping my shit from spilling out my asshole is the glass plug I have shoved up my hole. I let it all come out, then piss, and squat to push the last bit of shit stuff in my ass out. My shit is thick and beautiful!
littlefuckslut  - Dirty Anal Shitting Slut: Fuck My Ass | FullHD

I love being your submissive anal slut. I try to fuck my ass but it’s hard to fit more in it. I need to take a shit and make room for you to fuck me. I want you to take my ass today. I take a nice poop and bend over for you to fuck my asshole.
littlefuckslut  - Slow Closeup Release | FullHD

Get a closeup view of my asshole as I slowly release my poop. I moan in pleasure from the feeling of finally letting it out. It just feels so good. After I push out most of my poop my bladder releases all of my pee. I love when I can finally let everything out!
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