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Lady Scat - Feeding Her Friends, To Shit on Me | FullHD

Lisa Black like to eat shit, she's now helping our actresses (Mel and Carolynne) to shit in it! Lisa bought food for the girls can shit, after the stomach of them are well filled, ai Lisa goes into action, putting all the shit in the mouth, the shit is mixed with vomit and filth is immense, but Lisa does not care, she likes to eat shit, and she can!
Diana, Leslie, Mel - Scat Carnival 2017 | FullHD

Check out what has happened here in Newmfx on Carnival holiday... We met 3 girls, much beer and food... The girls are enjoying the fest and decided to play with much scat and piss.
Monalisa - The First of Monalisa | FullHD

We can say that Monalisa did well in his first “experience” with scat! She is a woman podersoa, and dominated the slave of a sensual way and with much contempt. Monaliza humiliate and shit in the mouth of the slave and made her swallow, it already shows how bad it is!
Chris, Diana - The Old Scat Friends | FullHD

Chris is very anxious because today she will meet an old friend. Chris is on the sofa when the girl knock on her door, Diana enters and Chris can not hide her happiness, the girls starts to talk about many things and Chris remember the good things that they did on the past. Diana decided remember something, the old golden years of scat. Chris and Diana plays with much piss, scat and vomit.
Mia, Rieke - Hightide - Enslaved To Scat | HD

When Mia, Rieke and Marlen meet in a dungeon, it's obvious that you may expect more than just a little dominance and submission play. That's just the starter, and fucking, licking, sucking and piss swallowing is no more than the dressing. The main course always is shit, because all three are enslaved to scat.
Karin Itsuki (Fuka Nanasaki) - Slave Nurse (NTJ-004) | SD

Saya Takazawa - Lady of the Mask [MARS-003] (Rusher Miyoshi, Mars Mania) [cen] | SD

M Men as a human toilet Gerosuka Women's Club Ladies member's mask who keeps an insect pit number No. 3 Saya Takazawa
A suspicious ceremony held in a secret room. A woman suffering from a preeminent mask of a style that feeds guy, phlegm, filth of dirt as much as a man. The purpose of compulsory feed feeding training is to remodel humans into "insects". I witnessed "I" was caught, to receive a tremendous feeding training. Welcome to the Ladder Worldwide of Muddy 's Mask with Gero, Phlegm, Dildo!
Eva Braun, Lady Alla - Humiliated, part 2 (cam 1) | HD

Scat Circle - Madame Jeannette Bizarre and the dishwasher | HD

Scat Circle - Madame Jeannette Bizarre served shit for her piggy | HD

Lady Amira - Cruel treatment of slave Bodo, part 2 | HD

Scat Circle - Madame Pee - First Time | HD

Lady Amira - First shit for slave Bodo | HD

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