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Juicy Julia - Hd 720p – Suck Dirty Beads | HD

 am playing with my favorite toy, the anal beads in this clip. I love getting all oiled up for them then slip them one by one into my dirty ass. When I push them out slowly they get dirty with my poop and spread my asshole wide open. All covered in shit I stick them back in for a second round. When I am done playing with them I lick the balls clean. Of course I smear my mouth brown with my waste. Join me in the fun!
Juicy Julia - Poop – This Is Ass Fisting | FullHD

This clip is super hot and I really enjoyed fisting my ass for you. I shove my hand into my ass and dig out my shit. Oh and I get a taste of it each time after I reach in to get more. Smearing is just part of the fun. Soon I have the brown stains all over my tits, pussy, ass and mouth. Then I ask you to join to cum with me as I rub my clit and orgasm. XOXO
With you help of support here, I will be able to buy a new laptop soon. That means, more longer videos for us all. Thanks!!
Juicy Julia - New Scat – Load In My Panty | FullHD

Per request from one of my fans, I soil a perfectly white pair of panties with my brown poop. Watch it get full with the brown stains. After I lay my hot load, I take of my panties and begin to inhale the aroma. It’s so enticing and perfect and I begin to lick and suck on my shit. I just love the feeling against my cheeks and lips. Panties still in my face I finish off masturbating with my fingers in my asshole. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.
Juicy Julia - Scat – Oh My Shit – Juicy Julia | FullHD

Oh my god I just love playing with my shit. Join me up close as I let out my turds. Before they fall to the ground I catch them with my hand and smear that creamy and sticky stuff all over my body. And the moment you all been waiting for, I finally had to give it a try and stick my dirty fingers into my mouth. It’s so exciting and I get super aroused. Knowing you are all watching and equally liking it makes me want to do this again and again. Love!!
Juicy Julia - Hd 1080p – Shitty Dildo Ride | FullHD

Julia was horny for some anal action, but she was all alone. So she grabbed her favorite dildo and climbed up on the kitchen counter. Within moments the shit comes squirting out covering the dildo as she rides it. Never one to pass up an opportunity to get dirty, she decides to give the shit covered dildo and foot job.
Juicy Julia - New Scat – Shit Facial | FullHD

So I am addicted to the smell and taste of my shit. Today, I lay several turds and let them fall to the ground. Then I get down on my hands and knees and worship the load I just delivered. The smell is just so delicious and I start to salivate. It’s so comforting when I stick my face into the warm and soft shit. I lick at it tenderly, then begin to put more and more into my mouth to really savor it. It’s a pleasure to share this with you.
Juicy Julia - Poop Videos – Anal Bead Shits | FullHD

Juicy Julia is super sexy in this video. Her favorite sex toy are the anal beads. One by one she shoves them into her ass, which is of course full of shit. She seductively pushes the beads out and along side with them brown creamy stinky shit. This makes her even more horny, so she sticks the beads all dirty back into her ass for a second round.
Brown wife - Poop Videos – I eat a banana with shit | FullHD

This video will excite you with the first seconds! You will see my beautiful body, you will see the appearance of a very long and incredibly beautiful shit. The sight of a plate with fruits and fresh shit is simply mesmerizing. When I start eating, sexually chewing on pieces of banana with shit, you can not stand it and your dick will finish. And in the end I’ll smear my tits with shit and you’ll be able to enjoy my body again. I’m really sexy))
LoveRachelle2 - Toilet Slavery – Baking Poop Muffins… Eat Them All, Slave! | HD

I’m a very *kind* Mistress… well, kinder than a worm like you deserves, anyway. But what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t reward good behavior once in a while? What can I say, you’ve been very good lately, slave, so your Mistress is going to make you a special treat: Banana Butt Muffins. That’s right, you’re going to be eating all my poop in a batch of homemade muffins–and you’re going to eat them ALL, slave. Don’t you dare disappoint me!
I push a HUGE, stinky poop right into my see-through glass bowl, and get right to work on prepping your meal, letting you watch me along each step…. finally, your batch of poop muffins are ready to take out of the oven… now, open wide!
LoveRachelle2 - Poop Videos – Blackmailed Toilet Slave | 4K UHD

I have your precious photos, and we both know what’ll happen if they get out, don’t you? That’s right, you know what that means–you’re my *bitch*. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything extreme for me… you don’t have to get your hands dirty.. just your mouth, because if you don’t want these photos to go public, you’re going to have to get under this ass, and eat my shit! Why? Because it’s hilarious, getting weak men to do whatever I want when I have them under my thumb, and that’s *just* where you belong.
I crap out a huge, thick turd, choking you with it. I laugh, telling you to chew it, chew that raw shit up. I don’t care if you gag–if you do, I’ll just make you eat your shitty vomit! I can’t help but be SO amused when you cry and beg, but you’re getting hard even when you act like you’re disgusted. Do you actually LIKE being my little slave, loser? You really ARE just a worm, just as I suspected. I step on your eyes, then step on the shit in your mouth, pushing it down your throat. You better hurry up, toilet! You’re going too slow… hm, that actually gives me an idea! I’ll keep you as a human toilet, and train you to eat my shit so fast it’s disappearing down your throat right as it’s pushing its way out my butthole. Do whatever I tell you to, little slave, and your dirty secrets are safe with me!
Anna Coprofield - Extreme Scat – Speculum Play and Filled Pussy P1 | FullHD

I really wanted to play with a speculum so I did not shit for 2 days. Putting on gloves (I like the feeling of rubber gloves when I touch myself) I insert a speculum to show you everything inside my pussy .Then I make a huge pile of shit and insert the speculum into the pussy again. You can see the gentle pink sides of my pussy, my urethra hole that pisses and urine flows into pussy. Then I put the speculum in the ass. There’s still shit in it. Taking out the dirty mirror, I put it in the pussy again. The cervix in shit looks beautiful. I take a piece of shit and insert into my pussy to fill my pussy completely. Let out the shit and repeat the filling and let out it again. Then fill up and hold the shit in the pussy. I smear shit on ass and pussy, let out shit standing…enjoy with me!
P.S.I’m shooting this video the day after the end of my menstruation. There is only a one drop of blood ��
lycha - Trans – Licking a shitty dildo – lycha | FullHD

Transgirl Lycha takes a big long dildo. She gets it fourteen inches deep in her ass. When it comes out, her poop is all over it… but Lycha is excited by this. She plays with the shitty dildo and licks her poop off of it.
forbiddenbrooke - Solo Scat – Three in one poo play | FullHD

First video is of it coming out onto a napkin, I play with it and show dirty asshole. Second video is of me smearing it all over me, and getting really dirty and cumming with it all over me. Third video is of me doing a head pov with poo smeared all over me, and me showing dirty ass hole. All super hot and detailed, I had so much fun getting dirty and making a mess;)
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