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Mandy Flores - The Hit Woman: Executrix: Mandy Flores MF | MandyFlores | FullHD

Cindy Blueberry, Diana, Marrie - A Pool of Shit | FullHD

Diana was trying to 'play' in a wading pool, Cindy and Marrie not believe, Diana brought a pool to fill, they decide to 'help' to fill the pscina, only instead of water, two put much piss and scat. Was all Diana wanted.
Grazy, Leslie - Bad Teacher | FullHD

Grazy works as a teacher giving some particular lessons, mainly for rich girls that have money to pay for it. Crazy has a defect, she has not much patience with her students and will give a different lesson for one today. The bad teacher decided to apply a punishment for her rebel student, using much piss and scat humiliation.
Bianca, Leslie - Swallow Your Words With My Shit | FullHD

Biana is push about Leslie because she told that is a lesbian, Leslie is angry and decided to forced Bianca to swallow her opinion with shit. Leslie passed shit on her face and mouth, forces Bianca to such her beautiful feet with scat.
Babi Ventura, Debora Blue, Lisa Black - Complain Never More | FullHD

Lisa Black is angry because she finished to clean the house now and Debora Blue and Babi Ventura are smoking, making the floor dirty again. But wait, this is Debora's house!!! Now Lisa Black will see what is dirty. The two goddess puts their assholes to shit on her mouth, now she will talk real shit. The girl was forced to swallow shit and piss as punishment.
Carolina Zimerman , Izabella - Diarrhea Swallow Domination - Top Girl Caroline Zimerman | FullHD

Top Girl Carolina Zimerman & slave Izabella. This is the first movie from Diarrhea swallow domination series. Don?t miss this fantastic movie. MF & SG VIDEO 2012. Carolina gag her slave with tape & socks, then make her to lick her feet and her ass. Then sit on her face and release liquid diarrhea direct to her mouth and put her feet to her mo
Cindy Blueberry, Diana - Eating Cindy's Shit | FullHD

Cindy putting her big and White butt to shit for Diana. The slave licks this big butt fully of shit swallow the precious kaviar from her goddess!
Fabi - Enormous Big Scat Swallow Domination By Top Dominatrix Fabi | FullHD

Top Dominatrix Fabi like to see suffer her slave. She shit and pee xtra big amount direct into her mouth. Slave Flavinha really suffer. She need to swallow and take all her soft and bad smelling shit. After Fabi gives her one big scat smother with her fantastic perfect hands. Perfect movie with big amount of shit and pee, good domination mix, asslicking and this all with two perfect looking brazilian girls.
Lady Scat - Feeding Her Friends, To Shit on Me | FullHD

Lisa Black like to eat shit, she's now helping our actresses (Mel and Carolynne) to shit in it! Lisa bought food for the girls can shit, after the stomach of them are well filled, ai Lisa goes into action, putting all the shit in the mouth, the shit is mixed with vomit and filth is immense, but Lisa does not care, she likes to eat shit, and she can!
Fabi, Grazy - Grazy's Toilet Slave | FullHD

Grazy is in the bathroom doing her necessities when was interrupted by Faby... Grazy be furious and decided to do all on her slave's face.
Kitty - I Need Feets And Scat My Psychiater By New Dominatrix Eriquinha And Slave Kitty | FullHD

Kitty going to a psychiatrist, because she loves a woman feets too much. When she see a feets, she wants to lick that, eat the toes, and she has a same problem with the asses... E. the psychiatrist listens her problems, but she doesn't care about it, she wants to play with her patient. The therapy turn fast into a lesbian game, Kitty can lick E.s feets and toes, and her ass as long as she wants. She gets even more, the psychiatrist peeing and shitting into her mouth, then paint out Kittys all face with the scat, smothering with that, and orders her to lick her feets, what is full of scat. All of two gets what they want, this is the best therapy what You will see!
Scat Girls - Lesbian Scat Schoolgirls - In The College | SD

I love to remember the time at school, who not? In this series nice school girls make big big scat sessions, with nice school storys. Real big Scat Guaranted! College girls in transparent white underwears wake up each other with pussy licking in the bed. Then they get out, one of them lay on the floor and the other girls pee and shit to her mouth and push it down with their feet.
Bruna, Lucy - Lucy's Scat Slave | FullHD

Lucy shows all her power today dominating her submissive slave, she forced the girl to lick her feet and ass. But this is not enough. Lucy decided to forced the slave to drink her hot piss directly from the pussy, but the best is in the end. Lucy gave her precious kaviar with much corn to the girl swallow.
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