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Brown wife - Foot fetish with shit | FullHD

I bought a new red dress, decided to measure at home … but just to measure boring)) I decided to play a little bit of what I really love! well, and of course remove these dirty games for you. From my round beautiful ass comes fresh shit right to my feet. Well smearing shit on both feet, I begin to taste it licking and sucking my fingers. Mmmm … delicious, really delicious))
Anna Coprofield - Leggings with Owls | FullHD

Look at those leggings!I’m delighted with them!!!
It’s a pleasure for me to take a big pile in them and smear it for a long time.
You will like it too 
evamarie88 - Shit In Bra, Smear Then Cum With Shoe | HD

Watch me in full desperation mode.. Im holding this monster shit in for dear life.. I tell you how little my tittys are and how i want to fill my bra with extra padding my SHIT!
I pull down my panties and the shit has already started creeping out, i get my bra cup and push out a monster soft shit inside each cup before showing you what mess ive made.
I then put it on and squash the brown mess into my tits and take off my court shoe and fuck my pussy hard till i cum…
Want me to get messier? Ofcourse you do…
I then smear my shit all over my tits and feet and fuck myself once more till i squirt hard.
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New incredible premium video, perhaps the best that is in my collection of dirty blowjob) It’s all simple, I suck and smear my husband’s shit bone … But the combination of the amazing taste of my feces, the gentle smell of the penis, drive me crazy and I just choke on drooling from the desire and excitement, it must be seen!) You can become a direct participant in the action simply by buying this video … about everything else I will take care) Close view of shooting, incredible quality and excellent savory sound will do their job, you cum even without having to look view about to the end)) Love
In other words, it’s simple, I’m back and with me new content with good taste and quality) If you like really messy and dirty video you are looking for places where you can do anything you like toilet games, fresh shit, piss, vomit, and more… I’m glad to see you in my shop!) There is a lot…don’t miss it!) Low prices on my videos, will help to open a new topic of Scat games!) Video also adapt to all modern devices like tablets smartphones and console) stay tuned!) Love you) PS: don’t forget that you can always contact me and make a video of your script!!! Pretty cool, huh?
LoveRachelle2 - Hypnotizing You Into My Shit Slave | FullHD

Welcome back Today is your final hypnosis session. Are you ready to get started? Good. I begin, swinging my pendant from side to side….you fall into a deep trance… and now, you’re all mine.
I’m tired of playing games with you. This time *will* be your last hypnosis session–your last EVER, in fact. From this point on, I’ll be doing more than putting you in a trance–I’ll be taking your SOUL. You will be indebted to me for the rest of your life, to spoil me and do as I please! Stupid mortal, you fell right into my trap. There’s only one thing left to do, and you’ll be mine forever–you’re going to complete my spell, but taking in something from me, and into your body…you’re going to eat my SHIT, slave!
There is no escape, and you shall be used however I please! I pull my plump cheeks apart and push out a HUMONGOUS load of shit onto a golden ceremonial plate. See that turd coming out my ass, slave? That’s your DESTINY. Behold my shit, human. I will force you to eat my waste however I see fit–you will lick, taste it–you will bite off whole chunks of my raw shit and chew them up and swallow! You will eat my shit again and gag on it and shit it out and eat it and more, again and again, and serve me til your very last breath!
ModelNatalya94 - Three girls shit and piss in panties | HD

You like to watch when girls poop and pee in panties then this video is for you our favorite fans . I and my friends Caroline and Alice wore colored panties . I wore white , Carolina celadon , and Alice was wearing pink panties , first video my friends show you their Asses and clean panties , my friend take my white panties and show you my ass , giving me the finger in the ass . After that my girlfriends wear panties back to me on the ass and I now take off the panties first with Alice and then with Caroline and show you their ass , then I put my panties back on they Asses, and we fill truski shit and urine , I bent down and began to shit and piss in my white panties , my panties running a trickle of urine appears brown stain shit , this process is the release of shit and piss you will be able to see very well . After I filled her panties with shit and piss of my friends he took off my panties and showed you my dirty shit from her ass , and my panties which were all shit , Alice and Caroline sniff my dirty shit and urine panties and my dirty ass , Oh yeah I like it when my girlfriend smell my shit . The girls put my dirty panties back on my ass , and now Karolina and I sniff Alice’s ass , Alice fills her panties with shit and piss , Alice’s panties pour a trickle of urine , Karolina and I take off her panties from Alice’s ass and start sniffing shit on the vanilla and panties . At the moment when Alice shoots shit in panties , like my panties Alice appeared a stain of shit . Now it was the turn of Carolina . Caroline had a stomach ache and Carolina liquid diarrhea shot into my panties at the feet of Carolina ran a trickle of liquid diarrhea , Oh yeah that’s just great , how lucky is that we were in no hurry to remove her panties with shit from dirty Asses Carolina we admired as a trickle of liquid diarrhea running down the legs of Carolina to the bottom . But still we with Alice is interesting to look at dirty ass Carolina and we remove her panties and start sniffing them panties first and then the dirty ass of our friend Caroline , what a show we had for you three beautiful girls Bang this shit in your panties , such spots of shit and one of the girls runs down the legs diarrhea .
ModelNatalya94 - Yana eat our shit with spoons | FullHD

Carolina and Alice decided to experiment with me . We argued with my friends that I would eat a whole glass Cup of shit , my friends didn’t believe it and we decided to check it out . The first went to a glass dish Caroline removed her panties and filled a glass plate liquid diarrhea and urine , after Caroline had filled a plate of shit and urine Caroline vitera ass from shit panties put back on his ass . Next to the glass plate came Alice , she also removed her panties and filled a glass bowl of shit and urine , then Alice is also not vitera her ass wearing panties back in the dirty ass . Then I walked over to a glass dish and filled the bowl with shit and urine , after that I wore panties and took a glass plate in hand , and sat beside the girls , Alice and Caroline took up the spoon and began to feed me by shit and piss from the glass plates . A lot of shit and urine I consumed food . I completely emptied the plate from the shit and urine . I like to eat shit and drink urine .
ModelNatalya94 - A big pile of shit during sex, suck a dirty dick friend | FullHD

Want to have a good time in our company to look like three girls take turns to introduce yourself first in the pussy Dildo, download it as a rider on horseback , then turns booty to the camera and introduce yourself again fuck the rubber cock again and fuck myself to them while each of the girls take turns jumping as a rider on a horse on a rubber dick girls pooping their priests comes out crap , girls without stopping continued to fuck my penis between my legs . A member of the suction Cup is attached to the floor , and the girls like to fuck themselves between their legs , you can imagine while watching this video that the girls take turns sodyatsya on your cock and jump on it after that, they shit on you . But that’s not all you can finally relax when girls rubber smear a member of shit and take turns licking and sucking dirty cock, take it in your mouth . And finally the moment when Caroline caresses with her mouth, dirty shit Dildo, Jana and Alice masturbate their pussy with their hands and shoot urine orgasm squirt. This is a very hot video in which you can be the main character and three hot girls will do for you whatever you want . You just need to sit down in a chair to watch the video and relax and get pleasure from watching this video .
LoveRachelle2 - Fuck My Ass Until I Shit | 4K UHD

Mmm, I feel like having a little fun in my hot lingerie and thigh-high heels with this thick dildo of mine… you don’t mind watching, do you? I plunge my toy into my wet pussy and pump it in pleasure, touching myself and groaning, until I pull it out and lick it clean. Delicious I comment on how “full” I already feel in my other hole… I can only imagine how full it’s gonna feel with I fuck my shit-filled ass with my dildo, too! I plunder my asshole with my toy until I cum and then–I can’t take it anymore, I pull my toy out and let my shit push and fall, heavy and thick, out my hole and onto the floor…. leaving my raw asshole leaking poopy juices… Mm, don’t you wanna clean me up?
(This is an EFRO vid! “Erotic Female Relief Observation”: this is why I don’t do an super close-up on my poop on the floor afterwards–this is for fans who wanna see women relieve themselves more than focusing on poop itself
LoveRachelle2 - Humping Poop Makes Me Cum | FullHD

I’ve stripped myself naked, and I lay out on my tummy, my plump rump up in the air, and push That hard turd starts pushing its way out of my little hole, falling thick and slow out my hole, down my pussy and onto the floor… until I push, push push and push until I’ve got a big pile of thick chunky turds all in front of my cunt. Yum! I can’t help but start humping the pile, loving how my shit feels against my clit… I hump and hump that big pile of turds, getting myself SUPER messy until I cum! What can I say, I’m a shit lover
Rebel Lynn - Little Anal Rebel | HD

Nicolette Shea, Shay Evans - Ms. Nicolettes Academy For Exceptional Women | HotAndMean, Brazzers | FullHD

Nicolette Shea - Ms. Nicolettes Academy For Exceptional Women | HotAndMean, Brazzers | HD