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Smelly Milana - Femdom Scat – 2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses | HD

2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses. Kristina and Yana were very well prepared this time – they accumulated large piles of shit! Yana went to visit her mother and ate a lot, her shit contained a large number of grains that clogged her teeth. And Cristina’s shit was sticky and with a strong taste (as usual). It was a difficult swallowing. The girls were very persistent and very smelly. === The girls were happy to see the feeding table that I did!
MistressEvilyne - Big Pile – Italian Shitbag | FullHD

So this cocky little 20 something from Italy with zero experience in scat thought he has what it takes to be my toilet. He’s been writing to me for 2 years, begging to be my scat film slave. I’ve always said no, because I could tell from his emails that he didn’t have a clue what he was getting himself into. Finally, to shut him up, I agreed to use him as my toilet. And here he is, all keen. Bless him.
I start him off nicely, allowing him to eat my spat out food. Then I piss in his mouth, and already he is gagging. At this point, I know for sure he won’t be able to handle my shit. So I shit on his chest. Luckily for him, it’s not one of my megashits, but rather a normal person’s poo. So I start rubbing this shit all over him, and then I think, let’s show him… let’s teach him a lesson. I turn round on my knees and make him lick my ass clean. Again, he gags. In fact, this time he nearly pukes. It’s hilarious!!!
I almost take pity on him. Poor soul, with his Italian machismo, thought it would be easy. But now he’s starting to realise. So I make him jerk off and cum all over himself, mixing his jizz in with my shit. I want him to sexuality the REALITY of shit. Not the fantasy. One day, he’ll be back begging for more. Once he gets over his trauma that is! XD
OMG I’m soooo mean! HAHAHAHA
KV-GIRL - Shitting Ass – Wanking monster dildo with shit | FullHD

Wanking monster dildo with shit
I bought a new dildo but it was clearly too big, but you can make it so fucking fun
Monster Dildo mit Scheiße gewichst
Ich habe mir ein neuen Dildo gekauft aber der war eindeutig zu groß aber Scheißspielchen kann man damit super machen
MistressEvilyne - Femdom Scat – My Little Shit Whore | FullHD

One of my favourite toilets slaves is visiting me today. He’s called Shit Pump and he really loves two things in life: Shit and cock. I thought I’d give him a little treat and for the first time ever give him both things at once. So I shit in his cupped hands and stuff that shit in his mouth before tapping over it to make sure he doesn’t spit any out when I fuck him hard. I fuck him from behind with my big cock, nice and deep while he moans through his shit filled mouth. Shit pump is an exhibitionist, so I move him so he’s facing the camera, that way you can all see the expression in his eyes as I fuck him hard. After I’m done doing him up the ass, I take the tape off and make him eat my big turd. Do you think he’ll succeed?
LoveRachelle2 - Solo Scat – I Know What You REALLY Want… | 4K UHD

You know why I’m different from all the other girls? Because unlike all your exes and the women you’ve known and pined for, I know what you want. And I LIKE what I know. I know you. You don’t want this pussy, or these cute tits, or this face, or even this ass… you want what’s INSIDE it. Face it, when you see a woman you like, you don’t want her, you want her SHIT. And THAT’S what I like about you. You’re a nasty, disgusting pervert who craves a woman’s leavings, and that’s so depraved and messed up, that turns me on. You want my hot shit so bad, then take it right from the source.
I groundhog and tease you until I can’t stand it anymore, and push a thick load of shit onto a plate for you. Here’s your meal! I tell you exactly how to EAT my shit, and you’re going to savor every rich, stinky morsel.
MistressEvilyne - Poop Videos – Could you do better? | FullHD

So I’ve got this toilet slave. I’m sure you’ve seen him in some other clips of mine. He likes cigarettes. He really likes smoking through my shit.
Now the problem is that I stopped smoking last weekend, and so when he wanted me to use him as my toilet this week, well I wasn’t able to use him as my shitty ashtray anymore, and decided to use him as my real, full consuming toilet. Guess what? It really didn’t go well. Turns out he’s pretty useless. So I ended up screaming at him and forcing my shit down his throat.
And you know what? It felt good to be really, really mean. I think I’ve been too nice for too long with my toilets. Now it’s time to up the game and come back to my sadistic roots, because when you’re too nice to a toilet, they get complacent.
While I feed my slave and berate him for being so useless, I speak directly to the camera, to you…. asking you if you could do better than this waste of space.
So watch this clip. Tell me if you think you could do better than this loser toilet slave.
Oh and I forgot to mention, more fantastic HD macro shit imagery in this clip too! You get to see every little detail, every little seed. You can almost smell it.
Eveline Dellai - Eveline Loves Anal | DogHouseDigital | SD

Lucy-Cat - Vom Fitnesstrainer gnadenlos in den Arsch geknallt | MyDirtyHobby | HD

Elisa Sanches - Hot Brazilian That Loves Anal | AssParade, BangBros | SD

Luna Star - Cuckold 2 | FullHD

Jillian Janson - POV Slave Orders 3 | FullHD

Ryan Conner - POV Slave Orders 5 | FullHD

Luna Rival - French teenage Luna Rival fucked in the ass outdoors | HD

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