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Skyla Novea - Your Daughter My Slut | SneakySex, RealityKings | SD

Monica Sage, Mick Blue - Juicy Latina Monica Sodomized, Spunked | EvilAngel | FullHD

KV-GIRL - Shit on the tail and brought to inject | FullHD

I shit my husband on the stomach take everything in my hands and lubricate his cock so full until he squirts
Auf den Schwanz geschissen und zum spritzen gebracht
Ich scheisse mein Mann auf den Bauch nehme alles in meine Hände und schmiere sein Schwanz damit voll solange bis er abspritzt
curvykitten92 - Caught watching scat porn ends in SHIT show | FullHD

Well well well, you are up to your old filthy habits of watching women taken big nasty shits on camera.
I walk in to the bedroom to catch you wanking yourself off to dirty scat porn videos. I knew all about your bad habit, but you’ve been such a good boy for so long that I decide this is the time you get to watch a lady shit in real life.
I start by touching and teasing you and dress my soft lips around your cock whilst you relax and watch scat porn. Then, I offer you a special proposal; watch me take a huge shit right onto your cock. I’m desperate! Please, come join in and let me drop a huge log on you. I sit you under my potty chair and give you a front row seat as my arsehole opens up and unleashes a huge, thick, hot, stinky shit. WOW! That was such a relief. You also get to see my creamy pussy juice oozing out of my hairy hole. I hold my shit in front of your face for you to get a smell of my stinky butt and then start giving you the poop massage of your life. I slowly rub my thick shit all over your cock, thighs and stomach and work my way up to a very special, and very shitty handjob.
But, I’m not finished there, I think you really deserve to see how a little shitty slut like me likes to play. I smear shit all over my big butt and then shove a sexy glass dildo in my tight arsehole. Mmmmm, I bet you’re glad I caught you wanking to nasty shit whores. I cum several times right in front of your face whilst you sit rubbing my shit on your cock. I think it’s time that I milk those big balls of yours, so I rub more shit all over my titties whilst giving you a climatic handjob. WOW! Baby, you shot me 5 beautiful spurts of cum all over my shitty hands and tits.
I can’t wait until next time. I’m going to save all my shit for you now that I know how much you like watching dirty girls.
GwenyT - Foot Fetish in Dirty Pantyhose | HD

I was feeling really dirty and messy today. I took a very mushy and loud poop into my white pantyhose, made sure most of the poop went down to the foot area before putting them on myself. It felt so gushy and good having my poop so tight against my skin.. I let you look at my cute feet for a while until I tell you to start sucking on them to show me how good you want to be. I know you’re trying really hard for me and I know you want to feel my feet on your cock, so I give you what you want. I start giving you a footjob, getting your cock so dirty, I can tell how much you love it and how badly you want to cum on my feet.. it’s getting me really wet too and I want to make you cum, I shove your dirty cock into my wet cunt and start riding. I tell you how badly I want you to cum because you’ve been so good.. I end it with my feet in your face and telling you to cum on them.
xrussianbeautyx - Food & Shits Compilation | FullHD

In this multi-day compilation video, I show myself eating multiple meals and then releasing them as tons of shits into the toilet.
This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps
curvykitten92 - 10 amazing shitty CUMSHOTS | FullHD

With it being Christmas I thought I would give you all a special gift. Here is your chance to catch my 10 most amazing shitty cumshots in one video!
In this video, there are 10 thick juicy loads, including shitty handjobs and dirty anal creampies.
This features cumshots from all of my most popular videos in one super hot compilation.
”Schoolgirl slut piss filled ARSE fuck”
”’Huge shitty anal creampie”
”Shit my pants then fuck my arse!”
”Messy anal fuck ”
”AMAZING surprise shitty handjob ”
”First time shitty handjob POV”
”Caught watching scat porn ends in SHIT show ”
”Fuck me and cover me in SHIT”
”Period fuck shit filled anal facial”
”Milk enema ride N’ butt SQUIRT”
HotShit - Kiki Minaj Black Fuck Ass | FullHD

Black UK pornstar Kiki Minaj wears white bodystocking and does scat in this POV video. There is no vaginal sex. Fist they start with some anal in doggy which turns into dirty anal at some point. Kiki sucks the dick which is the only dirty atm in this video. Afterwards they continue with Kiki lying on her back. Kiki sucks the guy’s balls and he smears some shit on her face. The next positions are reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and doggy again. The cumshot goes all over Kiki’s body who is lying on her back. But that’s not the end of the scene as the guy pisses on her face, boobs and ass to clean of the shit. Kiki seems rather disgusted throughout the whole video.

This was originally a custom request by one of you!
Wow, I am such a naughty little slut. Only a nasty little whore would drink their step-brothers piss and shit down his cock before taking a massive cumshot across her face.
I am sat on the toilet naked after having to take a shit in privacy. My step-brother knocks on the door and tells me he is desperate to pee. I let him in but he must close his eyes. He starts peaking at me on the toilet and I tell him how sexy I feel being exposed for him. He is desperate to pee, so I ask him to PISS all over me.
I open my mouth and take my step-brothers hot piss like a good little slut. It fires all over my big tits and he shoots a hot stream directly on my clit. His piss gets me so horny that I decide it is finally time to fuck my step-brother. I take him to my bedroom and get on my knees to suck his cock.
His cock grows nice and big for me and I ask him to fuck my pussy. He shoves his cock in his step-sisters little pussy and fucks her good. Once I am in doggy position I can’t help think how much I need to shit. I ask him to fuck my arsehole nice and deep.
He pushes his cock into my arse and I start gaping wide. I need to SHIT and I keep pushing out big nasty farts all over his cock. He thrusts deeper into me and his cock turns a nice shade of brown. I keep shitting down his dick whilst he fucks me harder and deeper. My arsehole gapes wider and wider as the smell of my shit fills the room.
He fucks my shitty arse until I cum several times.
To clean him off, i squat over his dick and piss all over it. Making sure my hot stream cleans my shit of his cock. I start sucking him off to get the last bits of shit off his cock and show how much of a nasty slut his step-sister is!
He fires a huge thick load of cum all over my face.
I can’t wait to fuck my step-brother again!
curvykitten92 - Period fuck shit filled anal facial | FullHD

My period just won’t stop! I’m such a horny slut that i can’t wait to get off my period, so I have a big cock shoved deep up inside my bloody pussy. I’m fucked deep and hard on my back until i cum several times moaning loud and begging for more. As I get fucked I feel a huge shit starting to force its way out so I squat over his cock and unleash thick turd.
Mmmm, this one smelt so good.
Watch my hole open as a big shit drops onto his dick. I start rubbing shit all over his cock and my tits and then ask for my arsehole to be filled in.
he rubs shit all over my arse before forcing his cock in my tight hole. Before long my hole is gaping wide and covered in shit. I finish by getting a nasty facial. His cum just misses my face but I make sure to rub his cum across my lips to finish.
Lolicoon - Вoing make up and shit | FullHD

I am standing on my sink and do my make up. Suddenly I flex forward and pee and shit on the floor while standing. Then I squad down and poop a bit more.
SweetBettyParlour - PANTY + SHIT = Dirty SCAT GIRL | HD

Panties + my sweet ass + a piece of shit …
You + a small video price + your curiosity + and your excitement …
I wonder what happens? Will you end at once? Or stretch the pleasure? I already feel like you’re nervous, so be it, I’ll let you see)
In other words, it’s simple, I’m back and with me new content with good taste and quality) If you like really messy and dirty video you are looking for places where you can do anything you like toilet games, fresh shit, piss, vomit, and more… I’m glad to see you in my shop!) There is a lot…don’t miss it!) Low prices on my videos, will help to open a new topic of Scat games!) Video also adapt to all modern devices like tablets smartphones and console) stay tuned!) Love you) PS: don’t forget that you can always contact me and make a video of your script!!! Pretty cool, huh?
curvykitten92 - Shit my pants then fuck my arse! | FullHD

Join me as I try pooping my panties and spreading poop on my butt for the first time! Hear me moan and cum multiple times from the most amazing sensation of hot poop fucking.
I found out I loooovveee shitting my panties! In this video I mess my fresh, clean white leggings and rub poop on my butt before being fucked deep and hard in my very shitty arse. A yummy fresh shit pushes out my butt and then I rub it all over my arse leaving my white leggings a beautiful shade of brown. My arse was so tight but he forcefully shoves his big cock in there and relentlessly pounds my messy hole until he fires his load all over my shit covered butt.
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